We are committed to understanding your business needs for accounting and bookkeeping services. Our extended bookkeeping services offer you the benefits of an accountant without having to bear the salary of a full-time employee. Our highly qualified accountants deliver cost-effective accounting services, payroll services, and generate useful financial reports implying any key financial indicators. We free up your time, so that you can focus on more important business aspects.

Financial Reporting

We offer extensive accounting and financial reporting services all over the UAE to help our clients present the company’s financial status to its investors, creditors, suppliers, and government entities. We ensure the financial statements comply with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). The detailed financial reports provide by us would help you assess your company’s financial performance of the past and current financial term.

Accounts Outsourcing

We offer a host of accounting services that comprise reconciliation services, backlog account updating, bookkeeping services, allied financial services and a lot more to make your business run productively in the UAE. Qadi personnel will visit your premises on a timely basis for recording all transactions into accounting system related to purchase/payments, cash and bank vouchers and VAT related transactions.

Accounting services would be carried out as per the local norms and ISA (International Accounting Standards) where applicable.

Backlog Accounting

At times companies might not maintain the book of accounts on a timely basis as and when the transactions occur. As per the UAE Commercial Company Law and prevailing UAE VAT Law, it is mandatory to maintain proper books of account. The team at Qadi would assist the clients in preparing the books of account from the date of incorporation till the current date. Our professionals will visit your company’s office, or you may bring the documents to our office whichever is convenient, and we will update the transactions in a suitable accounting software. However, proper supporting documents of each transactions need to be provided be it sales invoices, purchase invoice, credit and debit notes, cheque counter foils and others. We finalize the books of accounts on a periodic basis.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing describes all aspects of inter-company pricing arrangements between members of a multinational group, including transfers of tangible goods, services, intellectual property, loans and other financial transactions.

Qadi specialists help you develop tax efficient and globally defensible transfer pricing models, in line with commercial business activities and international transfer pricing practices. We assist you in meeting all the documentation requirements for varied transactions. We assist businesses with the practical implementation of transfer pricing models and provide dispute resolution services with tax authorities.

Payroll Accounting

A well-defined payroll management system acts as a catalyst for the smooth functioning of an organization. It helps maintain confidentiality and meets the statutory requirements in doing basic payroll calculations. We understand how valuable your employees are and understand the importance of maintaining a systematic payroll system. Our team of experienced professionals ensure that your payroll needs are met on time.

We understand that there are a lot of operations that need to be overseen when it comes to a business and we aim to provide proper payroll management services that would assure you the results. This would thus enable you to focus on other crucial aspects of the business, those that warrant more attention.

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