We provide management consulting and business advisory services to companies. We identify the requirements of our clients and develop strategies that achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We have extensive years of experience in handling consulting assignments for various government entities, investment firms, business houses and venture capitalists in the region. We offer advisory services on business plans, market sizing, competitor assessment, workforce optimization, HR optimization and organizational change management.

Corporate Secretarial Services

We take care of every aspect of your corporate secretarial requirements in the jurisdiction in which you operate. Our dedicated company secretary will ensure that your company is compliant with all standard legal and financial requirements in the UAE.

We offer full-fledged services that include the maintenance of company records, document monitoring, compliance services, mandatory filing of the company’s annual accounts and arrangement of the company’s annual general meeting (AGM). We manage all your compliance milestones and free your team to focus on their core duties.

Family Office

Family businesses are a major growth driver in national economies and make unique contributions to the society.
Despite their inherent strengths and economic significance, family-owned companies face unique vulnerabilities. Discords and differences of opinions amongst family members lead to dysfunctional conflicts. The consequences of disputes can be serious and far-reaching in family firms. In order to sustain dynamic progress across generations, family-owned firms need to find an equilibrium to balance the familial and business aspects while focusing on business growth. This is the art of family business management.

  • Family Affairs

    We assist business owners and their families in navigating the challenges of leadership, succession and governance across generations. Based on decades of experience in serving the finest family-owned companies, we help build alignment among family members around the business philosophy. Our family business advisors work closely with the proprietor and his/her family members to create an environment conducive to driving the best decisions and succession plans.

  • Succession Planning

    Our business advisors guide the ownership and growth aspect of family businesses to continue the legacy. As your trusted advisor, we help family businesses navigate successfully through the next generation and we offer support on family governance, succession planning and business continuity. We provide valuable insights and solutions for the family business to grow and move forward at the right space.

Merger & Acquisition

Globalization and growth ambitions are driving an increase in strategic alliances worldwide. We provide advisory services on transactions related to mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, buy-outs, acquisitions and private equity transactions.

  • Business Validation

    Company valuation plays a major role at the time of business restructuring in the form of mergers, acquisitions and takeovers. The various stakeholders be it suppliers, creditors and shareholders decide their association with the company based on the company’s net worth. We help you calculate the intrinsic value of your business to form the basis of negotiation and gain a best deal. The valuation also becomes important at the time of bankruptcy, liquidation, raising funds or while formulating company exit strategies. Our team of business analysts have the long-standing experience of estimating the value of companies spread across different industries.

  • Due Diligence

    We perform due diligent services as per the request of the companies or the investors who wish to acquire the target companies. We undertake a comprehensive review of the target business to be acquired, especially to evaluate its assets and liabilities, identify the value of the business and establish its commercial potential.

    Our due diligence report lists down the assets, liabilities and benefits that help to make the decision whether to acquire or not. We estimate the cost -effectiveness to the potential investors, future cash flow analytics and review the related financial documents.

  • Feasibility Study

    We help businesses assess the true commercial potential of their planned acquisition and undertake a detailed feasibility study of the effects on their long-term strategic goals. Our feasibility reports substantiate why you must go ahead or not with a specific project or venture. We highlight the crucial financial aspects and implications resulting from the decision in a neat and easy-to-understand format.

CFO Services

CFO services play a vital and strategic role in any business in the UAE. The fertile business environment in the Emirates underlines the need for expert CFO Services. Business irrespective of size can benefit from the expertise of a CFO, without having to pay for a full-time position. Our virtual CFO services provide affordable access to sound advice on strategic business decisions and we help you transcend the realm of current challenges to advance to the next level.

  • Financial Policies and Procedures

    Financial policies are devised with an objective to create institutionalized controls that you can help you refine and manage the company’s finances. The financial policies and procedures are essential for the board of directors and senior management to communicate the limitations and authorities given to different managers and employees throughout the organization. Moreover, their use is also widened to organize financial reporting and compliance with regulators outside the organization.

    Our highly qualified team at Qadi helps your company develop comprehensive financial policies and procedures. In short, we devise the blueprint that needs to be adhered to in all financial dealings that ensure stringent regulations and controls wherever necessary.

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

    As part of our advisory services, we help companies develop realistic and flexible budgets and forecasts. Budgets alert management on significant expenditures and revenue shortfalls, while forecasts provide the critical details of income projections. We closely work with our clients to create annual budgets with elaborate details and supporting data. In addition, our forecasting tools allow for anticipated variances that keep the budgets in line. Our budget and forecasting services include benchmarking, trend analysis, revenue forecasting, cash flow projections and budget monitoring.

  • Accounting Dispute

    In commercial disputes we understand that stakes are often high. Our dispute advisory team has a proven track record on solving a range of issues that include breach of contract, transaction and completion account disputes, shareholder disputes, third party negligence and other professional negligence. We help you minimize your reputational risk as well as reduce time, costs and conflicts. We provide the services of mediation and arbitration and resolve conflicts with the lowest possible cost.

  • Business Restructuring

    Business firms need to keep up with the changing times. Declining profits and other falling performance indictors call for the restructuring of your business. Our business restructuring service team offers a comprehensive solution that is tailored to your individual circumstances and helps you to evaluate opportunities under better light. Our deep expertise and skills allow us to quickly diagnose the problems, develop feasible solutions and implement them with precision. We devise strategies to help your business thrive and sail through turbulent times.

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