The tax regulations in UAE are being constantly revised. Our tax experts keep themselves abreast with tax changes in the Middle East region and provide structured advice considering corporate and international tax issues. We also make you aware of the critical implications relating to direct and indirect taxes. If your firm falls under a specific zone or category, we ensure you don’t pay any unnecessary tax and take advantage of all tax concessions available to you.
We bring significant value to our clients with customized tax strategies and help you minimize direct and indirect tax liabilities. We help organizations align their businesses in a more efficient manner to improve their tax systems and processes.

Implementation of VAT systems and procedures

The concept of tax is the first step towards compliance, and we offer full-fledged support to your business through the process of VAT registration, VAT return filing and VAT auditing. We provide full-fledged VAT advisory services and make sure your business is VAT ready. Our implementation services ensure that your accounting system is fully compliant with the FTA (Federal Tax Authority) regulations and accounts for VAT on applicable business transactions.

Review of VAT returns

VAT and indirect taxes are transaction driven, complex and can have a major impact on your bottom line. We facilitate you with VAT and indirect taxes across the whole business lifecycle. We review the VAT returns to be filed on a periodical basis and assist with reporting requirements. We review your complete set of documents to advice on any compliance gaps. Our taxation experts carry out VAT return filing for your businesses in the framework outlined by FTA.

VAT Compliance

There are several procedures involved in making your business VAT compliant. The process requires your financial transactions, credit claims and company’s past revenue to get an idea about your company’s financial history.

In order to make things simple and easy to understand, we made a curative checklist of all the things that you must know and escort you through the process of VAT compliance.

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